Financial Tips & Resources

This month, I’d like to highlight the following:

  • Read: This article by Personal Capital showcases four tips to max out your 401k in 2017. A little planning can go a long ways!
  • Listen: Tight on time? Take 3 minutes to listen to this address from Jesse Mecham, founder of YNAB. He discusses why most people quit budgeting (hint: update your budget now, not tomorrow!).
  • Watch: I recently attended a Dimensional Fund Advisors conference in L.A. and am pleased to now be able to offer these investments to my clients. To learn a little more about DFA and this history, check out these videos: one and two. Of the many details to appreciate with DFA, I really value the academic and scientific approach. They also have a robust global, balanced portfolio of socially-responsible investing (SRI) fund options. If you’re interested in learning more in your portfolio, let’s set up a time to talk!