Housing Costs and Your Mortgage

I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July! 

As summer is often seen as the prime time to buy or sell a house, I’d like to highlight the following on the theme of your home mortgage and buying a house:

  • Read: Robert Schiller from the NY Times penned this article which is helpful for understanding housing costs (especially when adjusting for inflation).
  • Listen: This podcast–What Drives Home Prices–from JD Stein discusses what investment return you should expect for your home and what leads to housing booms and busts. Additionally, in this interview with Casey Fleming (author of The Loan Guide), Joshua Sheats discusses how to get the best possible mortgage
  • Watch: While everyone’s financial goals will look a little different in this area, Jesse Mecham gives a brief synopsis of how to pay that mortgage off more quickly.

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