Happiness and Budgeting

As we enter into the holiday season this month, I thought it prudent to touch on giving versus getting, experiences versus things, and why sticking to a budget always makes sense:

  • Read: This article from Todd Curtis of YNAB  highlights how the thoughtful pursuit of things you want in life can turn into the mindless pursuit of simply getting. *The referenced Verizon video can be found here
  • Listen: Elizabeth Dunn, author of the book “Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending”, discusses her research on the increase of happiness when our money is spent on experiences rather than things. Meb Faber conducts this interview here.
  • Watch: For a touch of humor, please enjoy this brief SNL skit featuring Steve Martin and Amy Poehler: “Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford”

Services spotlight: Bona Fide Finance utilizes Right Capital, a software piece designed to give you the full spectrum of your finances and its projections into the future. My favorite features are the account aggregation and client portal; I offer this to all of my clients who contract ongoing services.

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