As we enter into the month of November and all things to be thankful for, I want to mention–in an expression of gratitude–the joys of a young family. Our little girls have warmed our hearts many a time in these last few months! Additionally, our family will be traveling to Indiana for a family wedding this month; it is a wonderful opportunity to see the lovely autumnal colors and seasonal crispness in the air!

Onward to this month’s highlights, which focus on all things insurance. Mind you, as a fee-only financial planner, I do not sell any insurance products nor do I earn a commission by recommending specific insurance products. I advise what policies are best for your financial situation. The following resources can help you determine what types of insurance would be applicable for you: 

  • Read: Whether you are just starting your career, in your peak earning years, or enjoying retirement, your insurance protection needs may change over time. Life cycle planning helps identify insurance needs that are common to particular stages of life. This can help individuals and families examine their insurance requirements in order to make future plans.
  • Listen: In “A Mental Model to Analyze Methods of Dealing With Risk“, Joshua Sheats discusses how many of us have had exposure to various forms of insurance throughout our lives and shares how to make the initial decision whether insurance is appropriate for you. Joshua highlights a framework for considering various risks that you face and the various ways in which to deal with those risks.
  • Watch: The most common or misunderstood insurance policies is that of disability. If you fall into the camp of “I do not need disability insurance; I am healthy and plan to work until I retire”, take a couple of minutes to watch this video which gives a great overview and introduction to the purpose of disability insurance. It will be two minutes well spent with regard to your financial and insured situation!

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You can click on the links below to access this month’s resources. Thanks for reading, listening, and watching!