Millennials (typically defined as those who were born between 1981 and 1997) make up a population of roughly 80 million people in the United States. With that amount of marketing, workforce, and cultural influence, there has been a shift in understanding this most bounteous generation since the Boomers. See the resources below for a few highlights:

  • Read: This recent article from Wallet Hub ranks the Best & Worst States for Millennials based on affordability, education and health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement. I am partial to its findings as it ranks the state of North Dakota as 7th best in the nation overall (and 1st for affordability!). There are lots of data present but it is worth it to read the article in its entirety to understand better this generation (of which I belong as well as do 90% of my clients), especially when it comes to their financial savviness versus other generations.
  • Listen: In this podcast (Millennial Money Minutes–podcast tidbits in 5 minutes or less!), Grant Sabatier and Matt Zubricki discuss how it is easy to go out and buy short-term happiness, but long-term happiness needs to be cultivated. As humans, we all essentially seek and require the same things to live a happy life – community, loyalty, love, excitement, curiosity, passion, and peace.
  • Watch: No matter your generation, you will find this TED Talk presentation by Dan Gilbert (Harvard psychologist) enlightening on the topic of happiness. He states our beliefs on what will make us happy are often wrong, a premise he supports with intriguing research and comic relief. 

For those interested, here is the Quarterly Market Review for the first quarter of 2019 from Dimensional. I am also including this Economic and Market Update from J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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