When Should I Hire a Financial Advisor?

Talking about money and finances can be vulnerable. In a 2017 study, nearly 2/3 of Americans stated they would rather talk about their weight than their finances. But finances and its planning does not have to be hard–working with a financial planner can provide the peace of mind that you doing the right things with the money you make and that you can achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. The following three resources focus on the circumstances in which you may find yourself needing financial advice and where best to find it:

  • Read: James Dahle, MD, serves as a practicing emergency room physician. Midway through residency he taught himself financial literacy to avoid being the target of unethical financial professionals who were ripping him off. The result is White Coat Investor. While he tailors his information to those in the medical field, everyone can benefit from this podcast transcript, when to hire a financial planner.
  • Listen: Daniel Crosby is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert. In this very brief podcast episode, he discusses the 10 questions for your financial advisor, including “Are you a fiduciary?” and “How are you going to help me make smart decisions?”
  • Watch: We had this short video made that highlights Bona Fide Finance as a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial planning firm, three of the qualities recommended above!

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