Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is a powerful investing tool that can create wealth and financial benefits for investors in ways other assets cannot. We receive questions about this all the time; below are some resources centered around understanding this important financial subject. Whether you are interested in real estate on a personal level or as an investment, these links are a great way to dive deeper into a fascinating topic:

  • Read: This article from Million Acres (a Motley Fool company) details the basics of real estate from an ownership and investment perspective. With the great variety of real estate topics about which to learn, this article is an excellent jumping-off point to utilize as there are tons of links to follow.
  • Listen: One of the tricky things about real estate is that it is so location-specific. Even if you have the desire and funds to invest, you may not be able to find any good deals in your geographic area. That’s where investing outside your local market comes into play. Nick Giulioni discusses his own approach of building a portfolio of real estate in Indiana though he is based in California. While the idea makes many people nervous at first, investing in out-of-state markets opens you up to countless opportunities to find your next great deal!
  • Watch: Bigger Pockets is one of our favorite sources for real estate knowledge. They present real estate concepts in easily digestible bites and this video is no different. Here, Brandon goes over calculating numbers on a rental property. Understanding these calculations is absolutely critical if you intend to invest in real estate.

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