Presidential Elections and the Market

What does history tell us about presidential elections and the market? Check out these resources below:

  • Read: This article from Business Insider says the market has been correct a whopping 87% of the time in predicting the outcome of the presidential elections since 1984. If the stock market has been going up in the 3 months prior to the election, the incumbent wins and vice versa. 
  • Listen: Did you know that presidential elections share something in common with lions, sharks, and mosquitos? You’ll have to listen to this amazing podcast with Meb Faber to learn more as Meb gives great direction on healthy investor mentality.
  • Watch: Investors often wonder whether the market will rise or fall based on who is elected president. Watch this video from Dimensional as they share the effects and patterns of presidential elections on the capital markets. The conclusion at the end of the video may surprise you! 

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