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Greetings and Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve had a happy and healthy holiday season and are excited to get rolling in 2022. We have a lot of plans for 2022 and can’t wait to see what the year brings. Before we get started with the newsletter, we’d like to congratulate Ben on attaining his RICP® designation. The RICP® stands for Retirement Income Certified Professional®. This is an advanced level certification and means that someone is qualified to assist with planning and executing retirement strategies. This is a huge win for our clients in or approaching retirement age. Continued education and professional development are a couple of our focuses for 2022 and they tie nicely into the theme of this newsletter, hacking your mindset for financial and personal success. 

Read – 
In our first meeting for all clients, we focus on ‘Life Planning’ questions. These questions are built to drill down into deeper values and help to crystalize why money is important to people. Money is not the end, but rather a means to create a life that is in sync with our values. Revisiting these questions is a critical step in making sure we keep our values top of mind as we move forward in life. In our January meeting with Ongoing Comprehensive Clients, we will focus on creating a Financial Purpose Statement to serve as a cornerstone for making financial decisions. If you’d like to read more about Financial Purpose Statements, check out this blog post from Micahel Kitces. 

Watch – 
This YouTube video delves into the idea of the ‘Growth Mindset’. The basic idea is that anyone can learn anything with effort and perseverance. It is the opposite of the fixed mindset which states that people are born with innate abilities. If you’ve ever felt a little stuck or unsure if you could achieve a goal, this is a great video to watch. Pairing the Growth Mindset with persistence and sound planning can help people succeed in ways they never thought possible. With the growth mindset, you change how you see the world. Things that were once problems are now opportunities for growth. For any of you with an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll want to focus on the middle of the video where the growth mindset is shown to be invaluable in helping people overcome obstacles by viewing them as a teacher rather than an insurmountable challenge between them and their goal. 

Listen – 
While it may seem redundant, we assure you that the number and variety of episodes in this podcast will not disappoint. The Growth Mindset Podcast is a fantastic resource for those looking to learn from “incredible individuals across the world, sharing insights and lessons into how mindset helped them to live a more fulfilling life.” The podcast is a great mixture of business, philosophy, and self-help that we think everyone should listen to and benefit from. An example question from an interview, “What is a setback or failure that set you up for a later success?”

That’s it for this month. Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll find value in the links provided. Also, if you haven’t, take a listen to our fledgling podcast, The FI Entrepreneur. We are a few episodes in and having a lot of fun. 

All the best in the New Year, 

The Bona Fide Family

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