So why is the practice called Bona Fide Finance?

Are you you curious to know why we call it “Bona Fide Finance”? Find out more below!

This is a very good question. First off, the firm name is pronounced with the Latin pronunciation Bo nah Fee Day, NOT Bo nah Fahyd as it is typically pronounced in English.

There are several reasons for why the practice is called Bona Fide Finance. Some of this is due to my Catholic beliefs and prior time spend in religious life and seminary. Some of it is due to my fondness for Latin and classical philosophy. It’s mostly due however to what in good faith represents.

Whether you realize this or not, all prosperity and movement towards the common good is built upon everybody’s ability to trust each other. Before we enter into a transaction, we each have to believe/ hope that the other will act in good faith. If this fails to happen, trust is not possible and all collaboration (along with the benefit that arises from that collaboration), ceases. In order for society to prosper, we all must act in good faith.

This is no certain thing unfortunately. Though it would be wonderful if all people acted in good faith, it’s simply not the case that all engagements done between humans are to each other’s good. Though this truth saddens me, it also illustrates why I wanted to prominently name the business as Bona Fide Finance.

I hope to communicate to all those who come upon our practice that I, at least, am desiring and wanting to act in good faith with whomever I serve. It is my sincere desire to be good to all my clients and hope in return, in good faith, that my clients will be good to me too.

Bona Fide thus also suggests hope for the future. If you and I are able to act with good faith towards each other, there is hope that we can mutually benefit each other in such a way that society as a whole, when done in aggregate, prospers. We all move closer to the common good. Thus, the term bona fide also proposes hope. Hope that our best days still lie ahead. Hope that the best is yet to come. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. That is certainly what I hope for and hope that you can believe it in good faith with me too.

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