Transitioning Children to Adulthood and Considering the Option of Paying for College

Changing up my format slightly this month, I’m offering three podcasts on the topic of transitioning children to adulthood and considering the option of paying for college. With high school graduation season upon us, this topic is timely as ever. Therefore, I’d like to highlight the following:

  • Listen #1: Joshua Sheats is known for being radical (hence the name of his show, Radical Personal Finance). In this podcast, he discusses why he–as a financial advisor–refuses to save money for his kids’ college. His direct advice to an inquirer is this: “Don’t set up a college plan for your young child. It’s a bad idea and a poor use of money in light of all the other things you can do with money that are better.” Listen to find out why!
  • Listen #2: In this podcast interview between Meb Faber and Ric Edelman, the topic is broached of what the future will look like in respect to work and technology for the next generations. In essence, it is going to look far different than what we’ve known. The tendency is to believe that the future will be similar to what our parents and grandparents experienced as they aged. A linear progression – school, work, retirement, death. Ric believes this is going to change: the linear lifeline is going away. It will more resemble school, work, back to school, a new, different career, then a sabbatical, more school, and so on…a lifeline that’s more cyclical.
  • Listen #3: J.D. Stein from Money For the Rest of Us discusses the changing nature of employment and what humans can do about it. In this episode you’ll learn why job skills will be most in demand in the coming years, how the level of academic knowledge needed to complete jobs peaked in 2000 and has been declining since, and how robots and other information technology are substituting for labor.

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