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Inflation and Student Loan Updates

Greetings all, Welcome to our monthly newsletter which focuses on current events and is provided only to our ongoing clients. This is meant to be a deeper dive into issues that are front and center in the minds of our clients and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or comments […]

How Interest Rates Affect You

Greetings all,We are deep into the dog days of summer and we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine and higher temps. We at Bona Fide have been able to enjoy a bit of down time and now we are ready to stay busy for the rest of the year helping our clients succeed in all […]

Estate Planning

Greetings all, We hope you enjoyed a great holiday weekend with your family and friends. The summers are invariably a slower time here at Bona Fide Finance where we take some time away to rest and recharge. Taking this time out in the summer allows us to focus on our ‘why’ for doing the work […]

Inflation Basics and Outlook

Greetings,  Last month, we spent some time discussing and sharing some resources centered around retirement. More specifically, what makes for a good, ie. happy, retirement. This month, we are going to focus on something a little more tangible, something that many of our clients have been feeling in their pockets: inflation.  As sure as the […]

What Makes for a Happy Retirement?

Greetings all, As financial planners, we at Bona Fide Finance spend a lot of time working with people to get them to retirement. We analyze current cash flows, we project future income, we optimize tax strategies, and do a myriad of other things chiefly centered around making sure you arrive at retirement with enough resources […]

Peace for Ukraine

Greetings all, We’ve decided to take a break from our normal format this month to touch upon something that is of importance to many of our clients, the conflict in Ukraine. We’ve received emails and calls from some of our clients and would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some perspective on […]