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Why do financial planning?

Are you wondering whether there is much value in financial planning? Ben give his many reasons for why you should begin planning–today! So you might be wondering, why should I even bother do financial planning? Wouldn’t be just as easy and effective to take things as they come and allow life to play out however it […]


Hi and welcome! If you are new to Bona Fide Finance and are interested in learning more about its founding along with some biographical information on its founder, be sure to check out this video where Ben gives a brief introduction. Enjoy! Welcome to Bona Fide Finance!  Thanks for stopping by and taking some time […]

So why is the practice called Bona Fide Finance?

Are you you curious to know why we call it “Bona Fide Finance”? Find out more below! This is a very good question. First off, the firm name is pronounced with the Latin pronunciation Bo nah Fee Day, NOT Bo nah Fahyd as it is typically pronounced in English. There are several reasons for why […]