Alternative Investing

This month, I’m highlighting alternative investing. The following resources focus on three different ways in which you can explore this concept and its possible utilization in your own investment portfolio:

  • Read: Real estate has long been used as an investment tool. If you’re considering it for your own portfolio (whether direct ownership, partnerships, or REITs), check out this overview article.
  • ListenJoshua Sheats interviews Kirk Chisholm in this podcast, which goes into great depth of alternative investing. In Kirk’s own words, “We take a step beyond the current industry definition and use it to describe assets or investments such as physical real estate, tax liens, physical gold and silver, structured settlements, horses, livestock, farmland, timberland, and more.”
  • Watch: Simon Cunningham, founder of Lending Memo, provides a brief overview of peer-to-peer lending. In short, it is the large scale lending of money between people online. In this video, he outlines this concept in detail, highlighting how it differs for borrowers and investors.

Services spotlight: We just started using Capitect, a tracking tool that provides real-time rates of return on the performance of your investment portfolio (for all accounts linked with this platform). If you’re a current client, you can expect to learn more at your next scheduled meeting. This is intended as an internal product for current clients, but if you would like to use it directly, please send us an email and we can help you set it up for your personal use.

For those interested, here is the market commentary for the first quarter of 2018.

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You can click on the links below to access this month’s resources. Thanks for reading, listening, and watching!

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